Program Goal

  • To warmly and affectionately care for the child through physical contact, such as holding and cuddling.
  • To implement strict sanitation procedures.
  • To provide opportunities for exploring, learning, and social interaction through a variety of daily activities.
  • To conduct activities that stimulate their eyes, fingers, ears, mouth and nose.
  • To provided opportunity for infants to utilize both large and small motor skills through indoor/outdoor activities.
  • To encourage socialization through group play.
  • To encourage parent involvement by using tactful and honest communication while handling matters discretely.
  • To establish an observation system for each child which tracks feedings, diapering, sleeping, and medication dispensation.
  • To provide a consistency between care received at home and the care received at LaBranche’s Childcare Center.
  • To provide quality care, keeping an atmosphere conducive for learning.
  • To give each child personal attention (keeping the staff/child ratio set by DCFS) preventing under or over stimulation while allowing freedom of choice.